Upanishad Schauffler, affectionately known as Pani, originates from Three Rivers, CA, a charming town nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada and the gateway to the majestic Sequoia National Park. From infancy, his mother would secure him in a backpack, introducing him to the wonders of their surroundings. As he grew older, Pani spent countless hours exploring the nearby mountains and diverse landscapes, nurturing his profound love for the great outdoors. Each adventure sparked his curiosity about the plants, animals, rocks, and historical lore of these breathtaking landscapes.

While enrolled in the local Three Rivers school, Pani was fortunate to have his endless queries addressed by dedicated and knowledgeable educators. His thirst for knowledge was insatiable; he eagerly read books about the local anthropological history, geography, flora, fauna, geology, and everything in between. Guest speakers and park rangers frequently visited his classrooms, and field trips to museums and nearby National Parks enriched his understanding of his environment. Inspired by his grandfather’s legacy as a photography teacher, Pani started documenting his adventures. His passion for capturing nature’s beauty flourished in high school and continued throughout his college years at San Diego State University, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree alongside numerous photography courses.

he won the esteemed Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park photo contest in 2022.

Today, Pani resides in Three Rivers, and his adventures span the vast Sierra Nevada Mountains, throughout California, and across the globe, with journeys to India, Jordan, Estonia, Costa Rica, Canada, and beyond. His talent for photography was recognized when he won the esteemed Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park photo contest in 2022. In addition to his adventurous spirit, Pani prioritizes safety and holds certifications in first aid, wilderness first aid, and CPR for both adults and children. His hobbies include cross-country road trips to National Parks, soccer, snowboarding, surfing, camping, and spending quality time with friends and family.